Woodland Amenity Mulch (whole tree chip)


75 litre bags and 0.9m3 bulk bags

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This mulch is produced from whole trees and is matured for at least 16 weeks. It is intended for large professional landscape applications where economy is an important factor and for domestic use on garden beds. It has an effective service life of over one year.

The Woodland Amenity Mulch (WAM) is ideal for:

Professional landscape applications
Free flowing and easy to handle
Mid – Brown in colour
Completely peat free
Particle size range form 1 to 65mm
Woodland amenity mu can be delivered in either Loose Bulk Loads, Bulk Bags or in 75 litre bags:

For Commercial Use: Mulching 1000 square metres to a depth of 75mm requires 75 cubic metres of WAM. This quantity is available for delivery on articulated vehicles.

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