Super Root Tree & Shrub Compost


60L bags and 0.9m3 bulk bags

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Super-Root is both a tree and shrub planting compost and a soil conditioner, it is a blend of sterilized mushroom compost and composted fine bark. This blend is enriched with the controlled addition of essential minerals and nutrients to create a balanced product, able to rapidly aid the establishment of tree and shrubs by promoting early root growth.

Recommended rate of use in planting pits is normally one part of Super-Root to four parts of topsoil, this addition rate may be increased to 1:3 with very poor soils.

For general soil improvement a 50mm layer should be spread over the area to be treated, then forked or rotavated in. Super-Root can be supplied in loose bulk, bulk bags or 60 litre bags.

A pallet of 45 x 60 litre bags will be sufficient to treat and area of 54 square metres at a depth of 50mm.

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