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This material is a recycled bi-product of the slate roofing industry. It provides a long lasting attractive mulch, which will protect plants by preventing weed growth, conserving moisture in the soil, alleviating extremes of temperature as well as enhancing the appearance of your plants. It is permeable so does not impede water reaching the roots.

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Storm Eunice

Unfortunately due to the storms over the weekend of the 18th Feb, we have lost the roof of our factory.

This unfortunately means, due to safety reasons, we are no longer able to bag our small bags for the foreseeable future, we are still able to offer bulk bags and loose options (collected or delivered).

WE CAN NOW OFFER MELCOURT BAGGED PRODUCTS - Sylva Grow Multi Purpose, John Innes, Ericaceous, Farmyard Manure, Organic, Topsoil and All Purpose Compost.

Please drop us a message via our website or email for quotes for loose products.