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32L bags and 0.9m3 bulk bags

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We provide growing media for both intensive and extensive roof gardens.

Intensive is a blend of screened sandy loam, sedge peat or coir and LECA (4-10mm). Coir is used if a peat free medium is required.

Lightweight Planting Mix is ideal for:

Use on roof gardens where a free draining, friable material is required and where point loading is critical
Provision of a low density-growing medium (less than 800 Kg per cubic metre)
Lightweight Planting Mix is available in loose bulk, bulk bags and 32 litre bags.

Rate of Use: a 30 cubic metre load will cover 100 square metres to a depth of 300 mm.

40 x 32 litre bags will cover 5.4 square metres to a depth of 300 mm.

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