Bark Nuggets 15-65mm


60L bags

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Bark Nuggets are produced from a bend of douglas fir, larch and some scots pine and are intended for prestigious landscape projects. This product has a long effective service life of over 2 years.

Why Use Bark Nuggets?

Suitable for most professional landscape applications.
Ideal for prestigious sites including supermarkets and business parks.
Good for domestic use on larger scale projects.
Good in exposed locations, the large particle size makes it more resistant to wind.
Free flowing and easy to handle
Very attractive visual appearance.
Rich reddish brown in colour.
Completely peat free.
Particle size range of 15 to 65mm.
Fire resistant characteristics confirmed by testing in accordance with BS4790; 1987 make pine ornamental useful in areas of potential fire risc, such as vehicle fuel filling stations, car parks, areas next to pedestrian walkways etc.
Certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).
Bark Nuggets can be delivered in 60 litre bags:

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