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Delivery Policy

When you order horticultural or gardening products such as mulch, topsoil, LECA aggregates or specialised materials such as play area surfacing, you want to be certain of a speedy and efficient delivery. Based in Somerset and the South West, Woodland Horticulture makes every effort to get your products with you quickly. Please read our delivery policy to find out more about the transportation of your goods throughout the UK.


The company will make every effort to deliver products ordered on the agreed date, but, if for any reason the company is unable to deliver then no liability will fall to the company; whether in damages or otherwise, for delay of whole or any part of the goods ordered arising from any cause whatsoever. The company will not accept any liability for damages to property caused during delivery.

The customer understands that where able, our delivery driver will try and place products ordered on the customer’s driveway and therefore agrees that their driveway is capable of withstanding the weight of at least a tonne, or at least 7.5 tonnes if it is necessary for the vehicle to drive onto the property to offload bulk bags. If not, the customer agrees to accept responsibility to provide a suitable area free from access restrictions for the delivery to be left.
The customer also understands that the company can only guarantee a kerbside delivery and that ultimately they are happy for goods to be left kerbside, should the driver encounter any problems offloading onto a driveway or other specified area.
If the company or its agent cannot gain access to the delivery address then additional costs may be incurred and shall ultimately fall to the customer. Deliveries are made using large vehicles and it is the customer’s responsibility to inform the company if there may be an access problem. The company will confirm the outcome by e-mail. In such cases that delivery, in the opinion of the company is not possible, then the company reserves the right to cancel the order.

Our delivery vehicles use tail lift offloading (for bulk bags or small bags). It must be emphasized that the delivery vehicle must be able to park in an area where the delivery is to be made. In the case of our tail lift (kerbside) offloading vehicle a pallet truck is then used to manoeuvre the items off the tail lift to the kerbside delivery point. The customer understands that as kerbside deliveries are made using a manually manoeuvred pump truck, it is not possible to leave goods on uneven surfaces such as gravel, grass or on slopes of any kind. It is your responsibility in some areas of the UK to obtain a permit from your local council to have bulk bags left on the kerbside.

The customer, or somebody appointed by the customer, should be at the delivery point to accept the delivery.

If a certain method of delivery vehicle is required it is the customer’s responsibility to inform the company of these special requirements at time the order is made. The company reserves the right to cancel or hold any orders that the company deems may suffer from potential delivery problems and the customer understands that delivery dates may be delayed in these instances. The company uses Google Earth to look for any potential hazards when delivering, so please ensure the correct Postcode is given.

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