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Leca in Construction

We’ve already talked about how versatile and effective Leca is; this incredible clay-based product, which can be used in place of soil, promotes plant growth and really can withstand the elements.  The pellets are light, due to the process of expansion that occurs in a kiln when Leca is manufactured, and they range in size, with diameters ranging from 0.1mm to 500mm.

You might assume that such a lightweight material wouldn’t be stable enough for use in the construction industry, but you’d be wrong. In fact, it’s used a great deal.

 Leca in Construction


Why use it?

Aside from the reasons alluded to above, Leca is environmentally-friendly (it’s clay, a natural material) and resilient, it doesn’t decay in water, doesn’t freeze and resists many of the chemicals used in modern construction techniques. It’s a universal solution which is as effective under icy conditions as it is in heatwaves.

It improves drainage to prevent flooding, can insulate and is incompressible so can shoulder heavy weights. What’s more, it’s soundproof and fire-resistant. Perfect, in actual fact, for the construction industry.


Where it can be used in construction

Leca is probably used more by those in this sector than in any other. It is particularly useful in flooring and roofing, where it’s added to cement and poured into place. This much lighter concoction also reduces the pressure on the earth than pure concrete would – reportedly by 75 per cent.

Leca is widely used in housebuilding too – it can be transformed into bricks, tiles and panels; used for retaining walls; and as backfill against foundations and concrete blocks. A Leca grout might be smoothed on the floors or walls, for instance, increasing both soundproofing and insulation.

The material is a common feature of the road-building process, as it can bear heavy weights and is stable. The formation of the pellets means that settlement – which is common with any construction project – is reduced, and so cracks and potholes should be less likely. What’s more, its shape and properties allows for better drainage, hopefully preventing the formation of large puddles.

 Leca in Construction

No matter your requirement - tidying your garden, agriculture, or construction – Leca is worthy of consideration. To find out more and discuss your questions, contact us on 01458 441 122 or send us an enquiry.

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