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Leca in Agriculture

If you are searching for a lightweight planting material; one which requires little maintenance, is robust and promotes growth, then LECA is the solution you’ve been dreaming about. These expanded clay spheres are commonly used in agricultural and horticultural applications – increasing ground stability without adding pressure, improving drainage when added to peat and reducing land settlement to allow crops to grow or animals to graze. The product is also used in the garden, creating a soil which is not only conducive to growth, but offers convenience to home owners.

 Leca in Agriculture


LECA for plants

No matter whether you are planting trees for your orchard or a border of herbaceous perennials, your flowers, shrubs, etc., need room to breathe and grow. As LECA is such a lightweight product, roots can grow and move with ease. The product also helps protect roots against the elements, insulating them from the cold and holding water in periods of drought. It won’t decay like some other materials can, and can irrigate to prevent plants drowning after heavy rain.



Another agricultural application is hydroponics – the practice of growing plants without soil – i.e. using LECA instead. The plants derive their nutrients from mineral-rich water. This is ideal in situations where there isn’t a standard garden – such as a roof terrace or in greenhouses. It’s expected that much of our fresh food will be grown in these conditions in the future. It’s easy to start your own hydroponics garden, there are domestic kits available or you can create your own (there are lots of ideas on the internet). With a LECA option, you can keep it on a balcony or inside the house.


The benefits of LECA for you

The Benefits of Leca

Aside from those mentioned above, LECA is easier to transport and store than bags of soil, being lighter to carry and not decaying, so you can keep excess material in the shed for a long time. If you have plants in the home, you can use smaller-sized LECA in your pots. These are especially useful for people who travel away from home frequently or simply forget to water their plants, as they retain liquid – meaning your plants will have enough to drink for longer than if you used ordinary soil.


No matter your requirement - tidying your garden, agriculture, or construction – Leca is worthy of consideration. To find out more and discuss your questions, contact us on 01458 441 122 or send us an enquiry.

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