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Buying Leca from Woodland

Buying Leca from Woodland

Whether you are creating a roof top garden, building new roads, improving crop irrigation or simply looking for something attractive to add to your plants and garden, Leca is a product that appears to have no limits.

Resistant to crushing, rotting and the effects of the Great British weather, this light expanded clay aggregate serves many purposes. 

If you’d like to buy a quantity of Leca, then look no further. We stock several sizes of this essential outdoor product and all can be ordered online.

Leca in 4mm – 10mm sizes is available in 40 litre (20kg) bags or in a loose bulk load of 100 litres (400kg). At this size, the pellets make an ideal addition to soil in order to increase drainage.

The larger 8mm – 16mm version is available in 40 litre (20kg) bags, with 50 bags to a pallet. The rounded pellets offer a decorative touch in planters and pots.

We don’t only sell Leca, though. Browse our range of other garden stones and aggregates, each of which can give your garden or green space a modern finish which will impress all the neighbours.

No matter your requirement - tidying your garden, agriculture, or construction – Leca is worthy of consideration. To find out more and discuss your questions, contact us on 01458 441 122 or send us an enquiry.

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