Now is the time to plant bare root trees and shrubs. For best results, dig a suitable hoe and mix the soil that has been removed with Woodland Super-Root in the ratio of one part super-root to four parts soil. Use this blend to plant the tree or shrub.

Remove fallen leaves before they accumulate to prevent damage to delicate perennials or to your lawn. Shorten overlong roses to prevent wind damage in winter storms.

Clear plant debris from vegetable plots, mulch with a soil improver such as mushroom compost that will improve fertility for the coming season.

Keep overwintering brassicas covered with netting to avoid pigeon damage.

Trade Shows

Following our attendance at South West Growers Exhibition in Exeter last month, we have two further exhibitions. Please come & visit our stand at Gro-South on 13th November at Roundstone Nurseries, near Chichester and at Futurescape on 19th November at Kempton Park Racecourse. We look forward to seeing you there.

SouthWest Growers 2013 (2)